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Child caries awareness

Author:亚林       Number:      Date:2019-01-17 19:13:44

Xiao Yu reminds parents to observe the teeth when brushing their teeth every day....
My friend's child is 4 years old this year, and all the rows of teeth are gone (serious teeth).
These days in the professional dental hospital treatment, the child is very uncooperative.
Watching children cry because they are afraid of treatment equipment, and even nightmares at night, friends are particularly distressed.
But can't let the child's teeth continue to deteriorate.
Xiao You only has one sentence: "Make sure to cooperate with the dentist. The child crying is temporary. It is good to get used to the treatment equipment."
Can not affect the health of your child's teeth for a lifetime because of distress. ”
Dental caries are what we usually call "worm teeth", a chronic bacterial infection.
In China, the prevalence of dental caries in children has risen sharply.
So what are the causes of dental caries?
1. There are structural differences between deciduous teeth (baby's secondary teeth) and permanent teeth (baby's second pair of teeth, teeth after 6 years of age, and accompanying the baby's life).
2. The development of deciduous teeth is different from the development of permanent teeth.
3, daily diet problems
4, the baby's oral self-cleaning and cleaning effect is poor.
5, deciduous teeth are not easy to be found.
 What is the effect of dental caries on your baby?
 1. Form bad chewing and eating habits.
 2. Affect the eruption and development of permanent teeth.
 3. Fight your baby's self-confidence. (Xiaoyou thinks this is very important.)
How to prevent dental caries
1. Don't let your child sleep with breast milk or bottle
2, control the intake of baby sweets
3, regular oral health check, early detection and early treatment.
4, pay attention to oral cleaning.
5, to prevent dental caries, there are two ways. Fluoride coating and pit and fissure closure are available.
6. If you find signs of dental caries, you must go to a professional dental hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.
Xiao Yu reminds parents to observe the teeth when brushing their teeth every day.
There are black spots on the baby's teeth, not necessarily dental caries, but also pigmentation.
It can be treated by washing the teeth.
If an abnormality is found, take the baby to the doctor in time, and the doctor will make professional judgment and treatment.

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