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Children's filling process

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Introduction to dental filling technology for children ...
When a child has dental caries, he needs to fill his teeth. Children are in the stage of growth and development, and dental caries affect the development of the dental system and cause acquired deformities. If left untreated, it will further develop inflammation of the pulp and inflammation around the root tip, causing unbearable pain. Dental caries pain can affect children's food intake. The food is not swallowed and swallowed into the stomach, which increases the burden on the stomach.
Youdan Dental Doctor takes you through the process of filling the child:
1 Oral examination. The doctor conducts a comprehensive examination of the child's mouth and develops a suitable dental restoration plan based on the number of dental caries, the treatment position, and the degree of the disease.
2 cavity preparation. In addition to the net diseased tissue, a good retention and resistance shape is established to prevent the filling body from being broken, detached and not tight.
3 Filling materials. The cavity is disinfected, the saliva is isolated, and the filling material is filled into the cavity to engrave the shape.
4 Polishing treatment. The surface of the filling surface is polished to prevent the coloring of the filling material, and the residue remaining on the tooth surface and the oral cavity after filling the tooth is cleaned in time.
Dr. Youdan's dentist pointed out that if there is obvious cavities and pain, it may be lieutenant or squat, and it takes three to five times to seal the drug. If the tooth is involved, root canal treatment is needed.
Introduction to dental filling technology for children
Oral children's filling technology uses oral filling materials with a precision of nanometer. The material has translucency and opalescence color. Together with the translucency of the material, it can meet the needs of dental implanters. Its performance is much higher than that of the past composite resin materials, and the color is better, more wear-resistant and less likely to fall off. It is a good choice for filling teeth.

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