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Does the child's deciduous teeth need treatment?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-08-08 15:09:00

Everyone knows that the teeth in children's mouths are all deciduous teeth. They are all teeth to be changed. What problems will they have? Then, do children wit...

       Many parents think that it is not important to have broken deciduous teeth, and new teeth will be replaced in the future. The deciduous teeth will not be treated. This view is very incorrect. Starting from the structure of the deciduous teeth, the deciduous teeth, like the permanent teeth, are also divided from enamel to dentin to the pulp, which is the dental nerve that everyone knows. Many parents think that the deciduous teeth are nerveless. This view is also incorrect. . The deciduous teeth, like permanent teeth, are very painful to a certain extent. When it is very painful, it will be very difficult to treat your teeth.
       The deciduous teeth are also an important organ of the child - the chewing organ. The chewing function can stimulate and promote the development of the jaw and dentition, ensuring that the child can have a complete dentition, maintain a good chewing function, and have a child's jaw and face. The normal development has a very important role. Children are at an important stage of growth and development. The pain caused by dental caries can affect the child's feeding, increase the burden on the stomach, cause stomach pain, affect the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, and cause the child's physical decline, thus affecting the child's growth and development. Directly affecting height and weight, we have seen a lot of children with bad teeth in the clinic. The long ones are very thin. After receiving dental treatment, many children's weight and height have changed a lot.
       If the deciduous teeth are not well protected and are lost prematurely, there will be insufficient permanent teeth eruption, resulting in uneven arrangement of permanent teeth, affecting the child's oral health throughout life. Some long-term chronic lesions of the teeth invade the permanent tooth germ underneath, resulting in the formation of inherited permanent enamel formation disorders and dysplasia, and severely interrupted the development of permanent tooth germs, which cannot erupt normally. Many children often chew on the side that is not willing to use the bad teeth because of pain. After a long time, they develop the habit of chewing on the side. The jaw of the affected side lacks physiological stimulation, and the jaws on both sides are asymmetrical, and there is a phenomenon of partiality.
       Therefore, remind all mothers to update their concepts. For children, we should take a positive attitude and go to a regular hospital for treatment.

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