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Children's pit and groove closed price

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Reminder: After the child's pit and fissure is closed, it is not all good. It is not that after the pit and fissure is closed, there will be no caries. Although ...
Lang Lang, who had just attended elementary school, found a caries in the school's routine medical examination. Her mother hurriedly took her child to the dental hospital to fill her teeth. Lang Lang's mother is very confused: from a young age, training children to develop a good habit of brushing their teeth in the morning and evening, why do they still have dental caries?
In this regard, the doctor of the mouth explained that the smashing position of Lang Lang's fangs is in the pit and groove of the teeth. These pits are uneven and, like a grinding disc, can increase the chewing area and increase the friction, which is conducive to food. Chew well. However, it is precisely because these parts are deep in cracks, it is easy to accumulate bacteria that cause cockroaches and is not easy to remove. Once the bacteria invade, the entire tooth can be gradually damaged and the life of the teeth can be shortened. If you do a pit and groove closure earlier, you will not have dental caries.
The doctor pointed out that if the child grows a large tooth, the parents should take them to the nearby hospital for treatment and treatment. The purpose is to prevent and prevent the occurrence of dental caries, and to protect the child's teeth from an early age. So, what is the price of the child's fissure?
What is the price of children's fissures?
1. The material enclosed by the pit and groove.
Oral doctor's introduction: The price of pit and fissure closure depends mainly on the materials used. There are many types of pit and fissure sealant materials, including fluorine-containing pit and groove sealers, chemically cured and visible light-curing pit and fissure sealants. The manufacturers are different, the performance of the materials is not the same, and the price is also different. The cost of good materials will be higher and the price will naturally be higher.
2. The medical institution chosen by the patient.
Take the child to the regular hospital to do the pit and fissure closure, strict disinfection, and the operation is more formal, can avoid some unnecessary damage, and the cost is not much higher than the general clinic.
Usually the price of a pit and groove closure for a tooth is around ~, and if a tooth causes pulpitis due to rickets, the cost of treatment is about 1,000 yuan. If the damage is serious and you need to do a full crown repair, the cost may be as high as several thousand dollars. From an economic point of view, pit and fissure closure is undoubtedly an effective, economical, and operational anti-mite intervention strategy, not to mention protecting children from a lot of pain.
Fortunately, the timely detection of the teeth is not serious. The doctor carefully treated the damaged part of the large tooth surface accordingly. The next step is to close the pit and groove for Lang Lang, because the child is very cooperative, and the pit and fissure closure will be completed smoothly. The doctor smashed the precautions after the Lang Lang's mother's fissure was closed, and the treatment was really completed.
Reminder: After the child's pit and fissure is closed, it is not all good. It is not that after the pit and fissure is closed, there will be no caries. Although it has done the prevention, it is not 100%. After the child is closed, the child is also closed. Regularly go to a professional and regular dental hospital to check your teeth and prevent them from happening.

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