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Protect the permanent teeth from the sixth tooth, and take t

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Doctors say that prevention of dental disease is actually very important...
What is a six-year tooth?
Six-year-old tooth socket regulation should be done at 6-9 years old
6-7 years old sprouts out of the mouth, one up and down
It is because it is erupted at the age of 6 years old, so it is used to be called "six-age teeth."
The newly-emerged "six-age tooth" is not very strong, the unweared occlusal surface is uneven, and the pit is deep.
This tends to accumulate food debris and plaque, and is not easy to clean, and is prone to spoilage.
The doctor will recommend applying a layer of resin material on the pit and groove of the surface of the sixth-age tooth to prevent rickets.
The pit and fissure closure is accomplished by several steps of cleaning the teeth, etching, rinsing, applying the sealant, and curing.
When the material is solidified and adhered to the groove wall, it has a certain anti-chewing pressure, so there is no obstacle to the child's eating.
Moreover, the material is not toxic after curing, and it will not cause harm to the human body. The process is simple and convenient, just like brushing your teeth.
The hallmark of successful pit and fissure closure is that the sealant can exist intact and can wear but not fall off.
Therefore, Mom and Dad need to check the child's teeth regularly and re-close if the material falls off.
Doctors say that prevention of dental disease is actually very important
Many diseases of teeth have a lot to do with bad habits in people's daily lives.
For example, brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough, and each brushing is not enough for three and a half minutes;
I don’t sip after a meal, especially after eating fruit, and the fruit and saliva react.
Corrosive effect on teeth; some children have bad habits such as biting hands and biting pencils
These can cause periodontal tissue damage and cause some systemic diseases.
The doctor recommends that an oral examination be performed every six months.
Do not wait until the occurrence of oral diseases to treat, for the occurrence of tooth defects, loose teeth
To go to a regular dental hospital or dental treatment, don't try to find a doctor to repair or remove it.

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