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Method of tooth loss repair

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The three dentures can be repaired according to their needs....
Missing teeth is a very troublesome thing. It is inconvenient to eat, and the lack of it is not good.
If a tooth is missing for a long time, the surrounding teeth will also be affected, and will gradually become sputum.
Therefore, it is better to have missing teeth or repair them as soon as possible.
Xiao You take you to see.
What are the common ways to repair missing teeth?
There are three types, active dentures, fixed dentures, implanted teeth
These are all ways to repair missing teeth. But they all have their own strengths.
1. Active denture: use the surrounding teeth as a support to fix the denture through the snap ring.
The removable denture can be removed by itself, which is easy to clean and can keep the mouth clean.
A few teeth can be repaired and the applicability is strong;
The requirements for the surrounding teeth are not high, and the surrounding healthy teeth are harmful.
However, the disadvantages brought by it are uncomfortable and foreign body sensation; the chewing effect is not good;
Will affect the pronunciation.
2, fixed denture: the common people call it "porcelain teeth" and "all porcelain teeth", this repair needs to remove the adjacent teeth on both sides to fix the porcelain teeth.
This dental restoration is now accepted by many patients.
Because this chewing ability is strong; comfortable, does not affect the tongue activity;
Beautiful and long service life.
But there are also shortcomings.
This repair requires that the surrounding teeth must be healthy and the surrounding teeth must be smoothed;
Inconvenient to clean. Food slag is easily left in the gap around the porcelain teeth.
3, implant denture: also known as "planting teeth."
Its function is natural teeth, beautiful, easy to clean, and is known as the third pair of teeth after the deciduous teeth and permanent teeth.
It has become a recognized method for the repair of missing teeth in the field of stomatology. Does not hurt the adjacent teeth; beautiful; comfortable; durable.
The only downside is that the price will be more expensive.
The three dentures can be repaired according to their needs.
Xiao You will recommend dental implants and fixed dentures. Then you still have to choose according to your oral condition.

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