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What are the benefits of orthodontics?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-07-07 01:29:04

Some people think that the function of the teeth is to eat, so whether the teeth are evenly stressed or not, is there any concern that the oral health is not aff...

1. The problem of tooth occlusion is improved: the unevenness of the teeth will make the stress points of the upper and lower teeth occlude unevenly. This will not only cause the wear of the teeth, but also make the teeth easy to loosen, fall off, etc. After the teeth are aligned with each other, the upper and lower teeth can be bitten normally, which will protect the teeth well.
2, remodeling the basic functions of the oral cavity: after tooth correction can effectively strengthen the chewing function, so that digestion and nutrient absorption is more complete. Many people's teeth in real life will affect chewing, which is also a digestive disease problem that we often encounter in our lives.
3, improve the facial image: after the correction of the teeth, can make the problem of uneven teeth and other changes, so that you look more beautiful.
4. Preparation for oral prosthesis: For patients with missing teeth, it is also possible to close the gap between the teeth with missing teeth through orthodontics, making the whole tooth more beautiful; and for those with loose teeth and gaps between the teeth, The tooth gap can be concentrated by tooth correction, and the porcelain teeth can be made in the place where the void is formed, and the aesthetic purpose can also be achieved.
5, to maintain oral health: after tooth correction is very helpful for oral cleaning and health. After the orthodontics, the teeth are arranged in a neat manner, and oral health care becomes easier, which also prevents oral diseases.

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