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What should I pay attention to when correcting my teeth?

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Many people become very inferior because of the ugly teeth, so correcting the teeth is a kind of surgery that everyone generally does....

1 Correction of the teeth
Eat less snacks and cut down on the number of snacks and sweets, especially chewing gum. If the teenager corrects the teeth, the parents should especially urge the child to obey the doctor's advice, and go to the hospital to review, change the wire, wear rubber bands and so on.
2 correcting the teeth note 2
Avoid chewing large, hard food. For orthodontic treatment, in addition to obeying the doctor's advice, care must be taken to care for the appliance on the teeth.
3 correcting the teeth note three
You can rinse your mouth with water or tea after a meal. There are also a large number of microorganisms in the human mouth. The best way to take care of your teeth is to be able to brush your teeth after each meal.
4 correcting the teeth note four
Keep your mouth clean. Because the orthodontic appliance is bonded to the teeth by an adhesive, the teeth are biased by the corrective device to reach the protected teeth. Use an orthodontic public toothbrush, the action should be soft and slow, 3 to 5 minutes each time.

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