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How long does it take for dental treatment to be treated?

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Many people in life have become very unconfident because their teeth are not well-formed. The unsightlyness of the teeth has a great influence on a person's self...

1 How long does the tooth orthodontics can be treated?
The time required for orthodontic surgery is generally around 1-2 years. The specific surgery price needs to be judged according to the individual's situation.
2 The factors that affect the orthodontic time of teeth are:
Age factor
The time of orthodontics is different for everyone. Generally speaking, children have orthodontics. Because of the stage of growth and development, the metabolism is strong, so the orthodontic time is relatively short, in 1-1.5 years. between. Adult growth and development have been finalized, teeth move slowly, and recovery is slow, generally takes 1-2 years.
Tooth condition
Some people have better teeth and no disease, such as dental caries, periodontitis, etc., the time of orthodontics shrinks. Some people's dental environment is more complicated, such as severe tooth deformity, etc., it is necessary to cure the dental disease first, and then the correction will take longer. This situation is mostly caused by orthodontics in adult teeth.

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