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How is the correction process for adult invisible orthodonti

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In many of our contemporary adults, the teeth are not neat, but they do not want to correct the teeth through traditional methods. Therefore, the method of adult...

1 adult invisible orthodontic process
The orthodontic surgeon must first perform an examination of his or her teeth and then perform specific adult invisible orthodontics based on the results of the examination. No brackets or wires are required.
2 adult invisible orthodontic effect
In general, the effect of adult invisible orthodontics is quite good, and the use of invisible braces does not affect the mood of the corrector.
3 adult invisible orthodontic methods
The method is not particularly complicated, the professional dentist will make a choice according to the specific conditions of the orthodontic teeth, and develop a reasonable scientific invisible orthosis for the orthodontic.
4 advantages of adult invisible orthodontics
In fact, the advantages of adult invisible orthodontics are quite high. For example, the corrector does not need to wear brackets and wires to improve the self-confidence of the orthodontic.

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