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What are the people who are not suitable for dental caries c

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Bone fangs are clinically common symptoms of malocclusion. Traditional orthodontics can only change the problem of dentition. If it is used for alveolar bone def...

First, who is suitable for dental caries correction?
Dental caries correction surgery is suitable for people with the following characteristics:
1. The correction of the tooth is suitable for the beauty of the upper and lower lips.
2, patients with abnormal occlusion, open lips and teeth.
3, dental caries correction for people with physical health conditions in line with surgical requirements.
4. People who are not in a state of cold and fever.
5, dental caries correction for patients with non-obvious scar constitution.
Second, what are the people who are not suitable for dental caries correction?
The people who are not suitable for dental caries correction surgery mainly include the following:
1. Hypertensive patients.
2. Women in the menstrual period.
3, dental caries correction is not suitable for people with severe encephalopathy.
4. Patients with blood diseases.
5, the surgical site has skin inflammation lesions are not suitable for dental caries correction surgery.
Third, what is the age of dental caries correction?
The age range for dental caries correction surgery is 13 to 55 years old.
Tooth decay is the most common type of dental and maxillofacial deformity in the oriental race. In the medical profession, it is essentially a maxillary protrusion or a bimaxillary protrusion. It is generally not accompanied by severe dysfunction, but it is very affecting aesthetics. Many patients The main reason for coming to the hospital for tooth decay is to improve the appearance.

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