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Is the orthodontics of adults the same as children?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-07-02 11:33:00

Many people now have tooth defects, abnormal teeth, and uneven teeth. For these situations, dental correction is needed....

The health of the teeth includes no cavities, no bad teeth, no missing teeth, and neat and clean teeth. But even if we pay great attention to the cleaning of the teeth, there will be some unacceptable dental problems, that is, the teeth are not neat, then, is the adult's orthodontics the same as children?
The principle of orthodontic treatment for adults is no different from that for child correction. However, due to age differences, the adult's vigorous development period has basically ended, and missed a good treatment period, so the treatment takes a long time. In addition, the psychological state of adults is different from that of children. More patients are required to use more concealed correction instruments. The time required for treatment is special, and the requirements for conservative personal privacy are relatively high.
Due to the characteristics of adults, there are some differences between adults in the correction of teeth and childhood correction. These basically show the difference in treatment techniques. During the growth and development of the body, the plasticity of the body is very strong, and the reconstruction of the teeth is very strong. It is very easy, so the general braces can be corrected, but because the jaws are mature and the adult's biological transformation ability is worse, the traditional braces can be used to treat adult dental malformations.

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