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How can dental correction avoid rebound?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-08-02 14:17:00

Many people want to do orthodontics, but they are worried that the orthodontics will rebound. If the corrective teeth rebound, it is a very sad reminder, this fe...

Many people want to do orthodontics, but they are worried that the orthodontics will rebound. If the corrective teeth rebound, it is a very sad reminder, this feeling makes many people very sad. Generally speaking, there is no rebound after orthodontic treatment, but after a period of time in a dental correction, the teeth will rebound, which is determined according to the individual circumstances.
What is the relationship between orthodontic rebound?
  1, orthodontic retainer
    After removing the deformed tooth, it is often necessary to wear a retainer to maintain the new position of the alveolar bone, waiting for the alveolar bone to remodel, since the tooth is still unstable in the new position. However, due to different reasons, the severity of dental malformation, some people need only maintain one or two years to correct the effect of the teeth. In particular, adults do corrections because they miss the best time. The perfect effect of correction requires the aid of a tooth retainer. Only wearing a retainer will try to avoid rebound.
  2, the patient's active cooperation
    In the process of correcting acute teeth, patients should actively cooperate with the doctor and follow the doctor's advice to better ensure the effect of orthodontics. Relatively speaking, adults with doctors have better treatment results, and the effect is less likely to rebound. Children may be affected by the corrective effects of habitual molars, resulting in unsatisfactory results. Therefore, parents and doctors must cooperate in correcting children in order to achieve satisfactory correction. The corrective device must be in the normal position, using the correct method and wearing enough time. If the child is unable to cooperate actively, it will have an adverse effect on the treatment effect.
  3, oral hygiene
    In the treatment of orthodontics, in addition to keeping the mouth clean, it is necessary to correct bad oral cleaning habits, otherwise the correction effect of the teeth is easy to rebound. In particular, the wear of the tooth retainer should pay attention to the health of the gums, otherwise it will cause our gums to shrink, so the correction effect is not good, and the teeth will be loose.
  4, permanent retention
    Some patients have long-term cage protection to repair the good teeth and can not prevent the phenomenon of tooth rebound, such as nail incisor deformity, upper and middle incisor gap, severe torsion and permanent tooth loss.
 In addition to the above-mentioned effect of the orthodontic effect rebound, we also need to know that when the corrective tooth protector is removed, it needs to be placed in a relatively dry place. Although immersion in water does not cause aging, this method is not very hygienic. It usually only needs to be cleaned and placed until it is naturally dry, and then it is the most correct way to put it in a specific collection box.

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