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  • What should I pay attention to in porcelain veneer surgery?

    Porcelain veneers are not suitable for women in menstrual period, people with severe encephalopathy, patients with blood diseases, suitable for the following groups, people who repair light, seed crown defects, and people with cosmetic will.... 【Details】

  • Does cleaning your teeth increase your teeth?

    The calculus in the mouth can be removed by cleaning the teeth. Then, will the teeth increase the teeth? Next, please see the detailed introduction.... 【Details】

  • How long does the porcelain veneer last?

    Dental veneer repair is a new type of tooth whitening repair method, which is generally used for the yellowing and blackening of teeth caused by smoking. Therefore, many people want to use this method to repair it. It is a popular repair met... 【Details】

  • Does porcelain veneer hurt?

    Teeth whitening not only has cold whitening, but also other whitening methods. For example, for some serious tooth discoloration, especially for tooth defects, it is necessary to use porcelain veneer results. Then, the porcelain veneer white... 【Details】

  • Tetracycline teeth whitening to maintain time?

    Tetracycline teeth are colored teeth caused by tetracycline drugs, which are dental diseases, so that the teeth are no longer white, so the beauty will choose some whitening methods after the presence of tetracycline teeth, but the time of t... 【Details】

  • What is tooth polishing?

    Many people do not pay attention to dental hygiene, such as not gargle after eating, and many people do not brush their teeth before going to bed at night. If this is the case, dirt will appear on the teeth and gums, so you can choose to pol... 【Details】

  • What are the benefits of cold whitening?

    The teeth of most people in life are not as white and white as on TV, and some affect aesthetics very much. Now they can be improved by cold and whitening teeth.... 【Details】

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