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Is the orthodontic pain?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-07-07 11:00:00

Orthodontics can improve the defects of the teeth, especially those who love beauty, they will consider orthodontic surgery to improve their personal image....

1 dental correction introduction
It is normal for the orthodontic to have pain in the short term. This is a normal reaction of body tissue. When the teeth receive a slight and sustained external force like orthodontics, the teeth themselves are not painful.
2 dental correction suitable for the crowd
The teeth are not aligned, and the shape of the teeth is abnormal, such as melon seeds, teeth, teeth trauma, etc., missing teeth, abnormal tooth color, such as dental fluorosis, tetracycline teeth.
3 dental correction clinical performance
Clinical manifestations vary according to the type of disease, and their commonality is that they have a negative impact on appearance. The uneven arrangement of the teeth is carried out in the teeth, and the teeth overlap, which makes the teeth difficult to clean and susceptible to dental disease.
4 orthodontic treatment
The principle of treatment of orthodontics is to meet the aesthetic needs while maximizing the complete structure of the tooth tissue, protecting the health of the gums, enhancing the health, function and aesthetics of the oral cavity, improving the patient's acceptance of oral therapy and enhancing confidence.

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