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How to prevent oral diseases in summer?

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The toothache is not a disease, it hurts to be terrible. Everyone knows that the toothache is going to the hospital immediately. In fact, in addition to the toot...

1 What are the common oral diseases that are prone to recurrence in summer?
Summer weather is hot and prone to bacteria, which is also an important cause of recurrence of oral diseases. Due to the hot weather, people like to drink cold drinks, and strong cold stimulation can cause severe caries pain. Oral diseases that are usually recurring in summer generally include toothache, mouth ulcers, periodontitis, recurrent aphthous ulcers, lichen planus, etc. These common oral diseases have a high incidence in summer but are often easily overlooked.
2 How to prevent recurrence of oral diseases in summer?
In order to cope with the heat, people use ice, cold, and cold food to cool down. However, the cold food is mixed with more seasonings, the taste is heavy, and the hygiene is difficult to meet the requirements, and it is easy to carry bacteria. However, many people still can't stop the temptation of cold food. If they want to eat, they will eat it. If they want to drink, they will drink, so they will cause oral ulcers, bad breath, gums, toothache and other common oral diseases.
3 How to avoid recurrence of oral diseases in summer?
Oral health is an important indicator of good health. To ensure oral health, we must first develop a good habit of cleaning oral hygiene in a timely manner. In particular, we should rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, and clean the food left on your teeth. Secondly, it is recommended to strengthen physical exercise, to eliminate body toxins and internal heat by exercising, so that the excretion function is smooth, so that there will be no smell when breathing, and the tone will naturally be fresh.
4 Summer is not conducive to oral health habits?
Most of the causes of oral odor and various common oral diseases are caused by improper oral hygiene maintenance. In the summer, the night is short, especially in the white outdoor, like a stove, people are more willing to go out on a cool night. In the bright night scenes of the city, many places have stalls and night spots.

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