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Which oral diseases can cause bad breath?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-07-24 11:45:00

Many people have a common problem: bad breath. It not only affects life and work, but also causes psychological discomfort or low self-esteem. Patients with bad ...

Bad breath is divided into physiological factors and pathological factors. Oral diseases are one of the pathological factors, and it is the main cause of bad breath. However, some people do not have obvious oral diseases but have bad breath. It is likely that some serious systemic diseases have occurred. So which oral diseases can cause bad breath?
1 periodontitis: gingival congestion, swelling, easy bleeding, periodontal pocket formation, and even pus, alveolar bone absorption, chewing weakness, loose teeth and displacement of bad breath.
2 dry trough: more common in the mandibular molars, especially after the removal of the third molar. Sustained severe pain occurred 2 to 3 days after tooth extraction, and radiation was applied to the lower jaw and deafness. There is a corrupted blood clot in the extraction socket, which is extremely odorous. After debridement of the blood clot, the bone surface is exposed and the alveolar wall is tender, which is sensitive to cold and heat.
3 pericoronitis: more common in young people, the third largest molar in the lower jaw. There are systemic predisposing factors or recurrent episodes. Local swelling, limited mouth opening, and the detection of bad teeth or eruption of the teeth.
4 gangrenous stomatitis: mostly occurs in childhood, many cases of infectious fever develop rapidly, soft tissue full layer necrosis, often damage the jaw bone, loose teeth, shedding. The mouth has a bad smell.
5 Oral cancer: severe bad breath accompanied by long-term unhealed ulcers in the mouth and persistent growth of the mass, conservative treatment is ineffective. A biopsy can confirm the diagnosis if necessary.

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