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What are the precautions after correcting the teeth?

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Inaccurate teeth not only affect people's normal diet, but also affect the appearance of the face. Therefore, many people choose to go to the hospital for orthod...

1 postoperative considerations for correcting teeth
Avoid chewing harder foods such as ice, ribs, chicken legs, beef jerky, snacks with core shells; avoid chewing more sticky foods such as chewing gum, glutinous rice products, toffee, etc. Try not to drink high-sugar drinks Such as cola, sprite, juice, etc.; fruits such as peaches, apples, etc. should be cut to eat, or squeezed into juice.
2 suitable people to correct teeth
Suitable for people: People with irregular teeth and deformities.
3 correction of dental taboos
(1) suffering from chronic wasting diseases such as tuberculosis and blood diseases.
(2) suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebrovascular diseases and other diseases.
(3) People with mental illness and unstable mental quality.
(4) There are drug abuse, alcohol abuse, severe mental deterioration, and poor physical fitness.
4 correction of dental complications
(1) Swelling: There will be different degrees of swelling reaction in the lower part of the face.
(2) Bleeding: If the dentition is more severe, the intraoperative injury is relatively large, and bleeding may occur after surgery.

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