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What is tooth polishing?

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Many people do not pay attention to dental hygiene, such as not gargle after eating, and many people do not brush their teeth before going to bed at night. If th...

1 Overview of tooth polishing
Tooth polishing is to remove the teeth on the sputum, use a polisher, such as a rubber cup wheel, to place it on the bending head of the mobile phone, rub the polishing paste or toothpaste, rotate the friction at low speed, and polish the tooth surface.
2 teeth polishing precautions
After the gingival margin and the adjacent surface of the tooth are fully polished, the tooth surface can be smoothed and the plaque can be prevented from redepositing in these two parts, thereby avoiding the occurrence and recurrence of gingival inflammation.
3 tooth polishing hazards
Endodontic injury: The polisher rotates too fast and the friction agent is too small to cause discomfort or pain in the patient. Gum damage: The polisher runs at high speed, or it takes too long to cause gum damage.
4 preoperative attention to dental polishing
Try to remove the staining of the tooth surface by washing the teeth first, use the antibacterial mouthwash to gargle, and wear a protective eye mask.

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