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Does cleaning your teeth increase your teeth?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-08-06 19:45:00

The calculus in the mouth can be removed by cleaning the teeth. Then, will the teeth increase the teeth? Next, please see the detailed introduction....

1 Does the cleaning of the teeth increase the teeth?
The teeth will not enlarge the teeth. After the teeth are cleaned, the calculus is cleaned up, and the original edema gums return to normal. At this time, it is not caused by the teeth, and the teeth are large. Case.
2 teeth side effects
The side effects of dental cleaning mainly include dental scratches, gum damage, bleeding gums, oral inflammation, etc. It is recommended to go to a regular professional hospital for treatment, so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of side effects.
3 teeth cleaning operation time
The operation time of cleaning teeth varies from person to person. After all, the actual situation of each subject is different. Generally speaking, the required operation time is about 30-60 minutes.
4 teeth cleaning effect retention time
There is no uniform standard for the time that the cleaning effect can be maintained. Under normal circumstances, the time can be maintained from 6 months to 12 months, so this is also the interval between the teeth.

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