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How long is the recovery period for tooth whitening?

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With the changes in science and technology, some of the teeth are neat and neat, and the problem of black and yellow teeth can also be restored to the original w...

1 How long is the recovery period of tooth whitening?
How long does the recovery period for tooth whitening do not need to worry, because it is a non-invasive beauty project that does not require a recovery period.
2 teeth whitening method
The methods of tooth whitening mainly include cold-light whitening teeth, laser whitening teeth, and ultrasonic cleaning. The most common method of tooth whitening is cold whitening.
3 postoperative considerations
Avoid drinking hot and cold drinks within 24 hours after tooth whitening, avoid staining colored materials, avoid drinking colored drinks such as tea, coffee, cola, red wine, etc., and avoid smoking.
Introduction of 4 white teeth
Whitening teeth are a technique that refers to the process of placing a chemical oxidative bleaching drug on the surface or inside of a tooth, chemically reacting with the tooth to whiten the color of the tooth itself, and whitening the color of the tooth.

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