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How long does the porcelain veneer last?

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Dental veneer repair is a new type of tooth whitening repair method, which is generally used for the yellowing and blackening of teeth caused by smoking. Therefo...

1 dental porcelain veneer surgery introduction
Dental veneer surgery is generally maintained for 10-20 years.
2 dental porcelain veneers adapt to the crowd
Abnormal morphological teeth, enamel dysplasia, too small teeth, secondary, severe tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, etc.
3 teeth porcelain veneer taboo crowd
(1) There are not enough adhesive faces, such as those with lip or tongue misalignment, those who are accustomed to breathing with the mouth, or those with abnormal upper and lower teeth;
(2) Those whose distance between adjacent teeth exceeds 2 mm.
4 dental porcelain veneer postoperative care
For brushing your teeth, it is recommended to use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Please do not brush your teeth too hard. Avoid using coarse-grained toothpaste. The particles in the toothpaste will affect the finish of the veneer.

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