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Advantages and disadvantages of dental porcelain veneers?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-07-10 21:58:18

The teeth not only play the function of chewing, but also have an aesthetic effect. Many people feel very distressed because of the problem of tooth defects, and...

1 dental porcelain veneer pros and cons
1. The porcelain veneer has a high degree of aesthetics.
2, porcelain veneer technology grinding volume is reduced relative to porcelain teeth, generally reduced by about 50%.
3. Increase the possibility of retention of the pulp relative to the porcelain teeth.
1, has a greater limitation, generally only used for the repair of the anterior teeth, mainly to solve the aesthetic problems.
2. The scope of application is not extensive enough.
3, the process is complex, porcelain veneer is complex, brittle, need to grind the tooth tissue, have a certain stimulation of the gums.
2 dental porcelain veneer postoperative care
When wearing a temporary crown, be careful not to eat hard and irritating foods.
3 dental porcelain veneers preoperative preparation
Stop drinking alcohol, take aspirin, vitamin E and other vasodilator drugs within one week before surgery.
4 teeth porcelain veneer contraindications
1. Serious crown defects. 2, the dentition is not uniform. 3, deep tooth deformity.

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