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How to repair cracks in your teeth?

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For the beauty of the person, the teeth are not to be defective, even if the teeth are cracked, it is intolerable. ...
For the beauty of the person, the teeth are not to be defective, even if the teeth are cracked, it is intolerable. The existence of cracks in the teeth makes the patients dare not laugh loudly and dare not show their self-confidence. So how do you fix a crack in your teeth? It is found that there are cracks in the teeth. It is recommended that the patient go to the hospital as soon as possible. If the area of ​​the tooth crack is small, it is generally recommended to use clinical observation. If the patient's tooth is cracked and accompanied by pain, it is caused by pulpitis to a large extent. It is recommended that patients should consider root canal treatment. If the patient has a large area of ​​tooth cracks, consider making porcelain crown repair to avoid the occurrence of tooth splitting.
In general, the regular hospital repairs the crack of the tooth, and examines the depth of the tooth and the proportion of the crown of the patient. If the part of the split is not too deep and the proportion of the crown is good, it can be considered to recover by the crown repair. The bite function. Conversely, if the patient's condition is not optimistic, the full crown needs to be removed to consider the implant restoration.
The doctor reminds: once the surface of the tooth is found to be cracked, the patient should go to the professional oral cavity for repair as soon as possible, because the smaller the tooth crack, the lower the difficulty of repair and the less expensive. If the crack is more serious and the nerve is injured, the more difficult it is to repair, the higher the repair cost. In addition, the surface crack of the tooth is not self-repairing, and if the patient develops it, it is likely to make the crack more and more serious.

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