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How long does it take to fill the teeth?

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Filling is a kind of surgery with more mature and more mature technology. It is also a technology recognized and accepted by the public....

1 time required for filling teeth
The time for filling the teeth is usually around 20-30 minutes.
2 filling the teeth is not suitable for the crowd
People with bleeding disorders; local soft and hard tissue inflammation in the mouth; active angina, myocardial infarction, and hypertension and heart failure; people with artificial pacemakers in the heart; pregnant, menstrual, and pregnant women.
3 fit the fit of the crowd
Different degrees of tooth decay.
4 precautions for filling teeth
Obey the doctor's advice, do not use freshly prepared teeth to chew food and hard objects. After filling the teeth, it is generally appropriate to use the affected side to chew the food on the 2nd or 3rd day to prevent the teeth from folding and feeding off.

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