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Porcelain veneer introduction

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More and more people are now paying attention to oral problems. A neat white tooth has become a yearning for many people. In addition to choosing orthodontics, w...
More and more people are now paying attention to oral problems.
A neat white tooth has become a yearning for many people.
In addition to choosing orthodontics, washing teeth outside these common oral health programs
More and more people are choosing porcelain veneers to add points to their teeth.
Many people ask Xiaoyou, what is porcelain veneer?
Porcelain veneer made of safe, high quality porcelain material
No irritation to teeth, gums, no side effects, physical stability
It is not easy to change color, deform, and has high stability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
The tooth veneer is a thin piece of paper that sticks to the lips of our teeth.
The problem of covering the surface of the tooth has the dual function of whitening and repair.
Whether it is tetracycline, dental fluorosis, dead marrow discoloration, it is suitable for porcelain veneer beauty repair
There are gaps in the teeth, individual teeth are too small, defective or just feel the shape of the teeth is not ideal
Porcelain veneers can be solved very well.
Porcelain veneers are generally only used for the repair of anterior teeth.
Porcelain veneer refers to a method of repairing teeth that is considered to be better
Compared to all-ceramic crowns, veneers have many advantages.
The biggest advantage is that it removes less tooth tissue.
Generally only a thin layer of tooth tissue on the lip side (about 0.3 to 0.8 mm thick) is removed.
Helps protect the pulp. The patient is almost painless when treated.
Coloring, shape, surface engraving, coloring inside and outside
With a special adhesive, the veneer can achieve almost perfect repair results.
Appropriate choice of indications, reasonable design, well-made, excellent adhesive
With the correct bonding method, such porcelain veneers are not easy to fall off.
Because the porcelain veneer is completely reattached by adhesion
Therefore, it is necessary to avoid eating hard objects with the veneers, so as not to cause the veneers to rupture or fall off.

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