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How much is the price of porcelain teeth?

Author:尤旦口腔医院       Number:      Date:2019-05-25 23:47:53

Nowadays, the problem of teeth has begun to be taken seriously by people, especially porcelain teeth. Porcelain teeth are the restoration of crowns that restore ...
1 price of porcelain teeth
The price of general porcelain teeth is 800-10,000.
2 indications for porcelain teeth
Indications for porcelain teeth: tooth defects, uneven teeth, abnormal color changes, dental implants.

3 defects of porcelain teeth
The disadvantage of porcelain teeth is that some of the tooth tissue is removed and there is some stimulation to the gum tissue. It may need to be repaired after a certain period of time.
4 postoperative attention to porcelain teeth
Can not bite too hard food, porcelain teeth are subject to pressure beyond his adaptability range, it will also be broken, for example: nut food, bottle caps and the like are not allowed, and the initial setting of porcelain teeth Before the repair, the upper and lower cusps are opposite, and you should eat slowly.

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