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What are the pros and cons of porcelain teeth?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-07-16 18:19:45

Teeth have a great influence on beauty, and white and neat teeth will make people more confident, so many beauty lovers choose to make porcelain teeth to improve...

1 advantages of porcelain teeth
1. Cheaper than all ceramic teeth. 2. It can be maintained for a long time after surgery. 3. A wide range of adaptation, can be corrected for a variety of dental malformations.
2 defects of porcelain teeth
1. There are relatively many complications. 2. The color coverage of the teeth is relatively poor compared to the all-ceramic teeth. 3. May require secondary treatment.
4 indications for porcelain teeth
1. A tooth that needs to be repaired after root canal treatment due to pulp, periapical lesions or cracks.
2. Discolored teeth, such as dead teeth, tetracycline teeth and dental fluorosis, should not be repaired by other methods.
3. Malformed teeth, enamel hypoplasia, etc. need to improve the crown shape of the teeth.
5 taboos of porcelain teeth
1. People with severe diabetes or heart, lung disease and severe hypertension.
2. Patients with abnormal blood diseases or coagulation mechanisms.
3. Women during menstruation or pregnancy.
4. Psychiatric patients or various mental disorders.

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