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  • What should you pay attention to after the restoration of th

    Fourth, regular follow-up visits. Full denture has a very important role for the elderly. The doctor recommends that the elderly go to the hospital every 3-6 months. If the denture has problems, it can be timely resolved. ... 【Details】

  • Some problems that often occur when wearing dentures

    Third, eat less sticky and harder food. All kinds of sticky foods such as glutinous rice cakes, brown fruit, and soft candy may stick to the active dentures or affect the bite. Therefore, you should try to eat less or not. Others such as walnuts, pine... 【Details】

  • Invisible denture

    What is an invisible denture? Invisible denture is a kind of removable denture. It replaces the metal snap ring and base part of traditional denture with a high-elasticity, anti-folding, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless polymer material. It has a certai... 【Details】

  • Advantages and disadvantages of fixed dentures

    2, can not remove the denture cleaning, so in the design, must ensure that the denture has a good self-cleaning effect and easy to clean the mouth; otherwise, prone to secondary rickets or periodontal disease. ... 【Details】

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