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What is the process of planting a single tooth?

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Single tooth implant is a kind of dental implant that is simple in operation, small in trauma, quick in restoring teeth, and has better chewing function than oth...

1 single tooth planting process
First of all, oral examination, making dental surgery guide plates, preparing implant nests, preparing threads, implanting implants, suturing wounds and finally performing crown surgery.
2 precautions for single tooth implantation
First, tell your doctor about your details, and ask about the risk of surgery. You need to remove the caries and roots before surgery to treat oral diseases.
3 precautions for single tooth implantation
Oral hygiene is often maintained, avoiding the occurrence of common complications such as gingivitis, dental ore and discoloration.
4 suitable people for single tooth planting
A person with sufficient amount of alveolar bone in the edentulous area of the mouth.

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