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What are the advantages and benefits of dental implants?

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Dental implant refers to a method of repairing the missing teeth based on the lower structure implanted in the bone tissue to support and retain the upper dental restoration. It consists of a lower support implant and an upper dental restoration. It is made of artificial materials, implanted into the tissue by surgical methods and obtained solid support of the bone tissue. It is connected by special means and means to support the upper dental restoration. Dental implants can achieve repair effects that are very similar to natural tooth functions, structures, and aesthetics, and have become the method of choice for more and more patients with missing teeth.
1. The dental mastication efficiency is higher than that of the traditional removable denture insert and fixed porcelain teeth. Implanting teeth transfer the chewing pressure through the artificial root (implant) to the alveolar bone. It is similar to the mechanical principle that the natural tooth transmits the chewing pressure in the oral cavity to the alveolar bone through the root. It can withstand strong chewing force and the chewing efficiency is more traditional. Dentures have been greatly improved.
2. Dental implants have strong retention and stability. The roots of dental implants are made of titanium with strong physiological compatibility. After the roots are implanted into the alveolar bone, they can be integrated with the bones. Therefore, they have strong stability. .
3. The artificial root of the dental implant is deeply implanted in the alveolar bone, so it can effectively prevent the alveolar bone atrophy and alveolar bone absorption.

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