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What are the pros and cons of multiple teeth implants?

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Some middle-aged and elderly people will lose their half-mouth or full-mouth teeth too early. The dentures will cause them troubles. Now artificial implants are ...

More than 1 tooth planting introduction
Advantages: 1. Simple operation, local anesthesia, and small trauma. 2. Restore teeth function, chewing function is better than other traditional dentures. 3. Dental implants do not cause adverse side effects on the human body.
Disadvantages: 1. It varies from person to person, and there is swelling and ischemic discoloration after surgery. 2. The treatment course is slightly longer than the average fixed denture time. 3. The cost is relatively high.
More than 2 teeth are suitable for people
The amount of alveolar bone suitable for the missing tooth in the oral cavity is sufficient.
3 more teeth preparation before surgery
Be prepared for good surgery and keep your mouth clean and clean one day before surgery.
The dental caries and residual roots need to be removed before surgery to treat oral diseases.
Take antibiotics as directed by your doctor the day before surgery.
4 teeth implant postoperative care
Regularly review after implantation, organize and maintain oral hygiene and do not chew hard food.
Oral hygiene is often maintained, avoiding the occurrence of common complications such as gingivitis, dental ore and discoloration.

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