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What are the precautions for anterior implants?

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Note 5: After wearing porcelain teeth, it is not advisable to chew hard things. On the other hand, pay attention to protect the porcelain braces; ...
The advantage of dental implants in the treatment of anterior teeth loss is obvious. It is not only natural but also stable. It is currently a long life in all dentures and is therefore highly regarded by the Dental Association. However, you must pay attention to the following items before implanting your teeth before you can implant your teeth successfully:
Note 1: Before anterior dental implants, it is generally necessary to treat other oral diseases first, such as removing particularly loose teeth and residual roots, treating worm teeth, periodontal disease, adjusting bad occlusion, removing bad dentures, breaking bad habits, etc. ;
Note 2: Dental implants generally have two steps, including the implantation of artificial roots and the placement of fixed dentures on the artificial roots that have been stabilized. Generally, after the artificial root is implanted, temporary dentures cannot be worn before the thread is removed. After 7-day disconnection, it is necessary to modify whether to wear it.
Note 3: Pay attention to oral hygiene. After implanting artificial roots, pay attention to oral hygiene. Rinse mouth after meal, or use liquid medicine to rinse mouth. Apply the soft brush or cotton strip every morning and evening to clean the implant abutment once;
Note 4: Within three to six months after the thread is removed, the artificial root should not be shaken, and it should not be chewed hard to avoid loosening of the root, thus affecting the planting effect, which is an important problem of planting effect;
Note 5: After wearing porcelain teeth, it is not advisable to chew hard things. On the other hand, pay attention to protect the porcelain braces;
Note 6: Seriously implement the doctor's advice and return to the hospital for regular review. This is important. After implanting the teeth, you must follow the doctor's advice and return to the hospital on time. In case of special circumstances, contact the attending doctor in time.

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