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What are the precautions after correcting tooth extraction?

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Many people are now willing to do corrective extraction, mainly because it usually does not affect the work after tooth extraction, can work as usual, very conve...

1 corrective postoperative attention after tooth extraction
You can usually take medicine after tooth extraction. However, when the tooth is extracted during the acute inflammation period, or when the wound is large and the general condition is poor, some antibiotics and painkillers should be taken orally. After tooth extraction, you should pay attention to protect the blood clot. Do not gargle on the same day. Do not chew the food with the extraction side. Do not frequently rub the wound. Do not repeatedly suck, so as not to damage the blood clot due to the increase of negative pressure in the mouth.
2 correct the effect of tooth extraction
Corrective extraction can generally achieve the effects of treating dental crowding, correcting facial protrusions, and correcting occlusal relationships.
3 correct crowds for tooth extraction
In patients with insufficient bone mass, the width of the permanent crown is too large, and most of these patients can take corrective extraction.
4 correct the safety of tooth extraction
The technique of correcting tooth extraction is very mature. As long as you go to a regular hospital, safety is still very secure.

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