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  • What about insect teeth?

    What about insect teeth? One word: Governance. Two words: filling the teeth. Moreover, everyone needs to pay attention to keep the mouth clean and correct, and brush your teeth properly.... 【Details】

  • Is black teeth a tooth decay?

    Because of Mr. Chen’s tooth pain for a while, the tooth has a higher possibility of tooth decay. The tooth decay is caused by the disorder of the saliva in the mouth. The long-term acidic saliva invades the teeth, the surface of the tooth is corrode... 【Details】

  • What is the best way to treat tooth decay?

    Fourth, the tissue filling method is broken. It is a commonly used method for treating smashed tissue and is suitable for teeth that have a fixed hole shape after tooth decay. If the pulpitis has developed, root canal treatment or removal can be perfo... 【Details】

  • How to treat children's caries

    Children's teeth are the foundation of a healthy tooth. It will have a great impact on the future health of the child. Therefore, parents should teach their children the correct way to protect their teeth from an early age. In addition, winter holiday... 【Details】

  • What should I do if my toothache is unbearable?

    If the above text still can't help you, or if you want to continue to know about dental and oral health, you can consult a doctor online! ... 【Details】

  • What should I do if my baby's front teeth have dental caries

    Xiaobian's words: The prevention of baby's incisors is better than cure. Parents should help children develop good oral hygiene habits, brush their teeth in the morning and evening, balance the balanced nutrition of the diet, limit the intake of sweet... 【Details】

  • What should I do if my teeth are hollow?

    The doctor reminds: In order to avoid the recurrence of tooth hollowing, the prevention of tooth decay is particularly important. From a personal point of view, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of oral hygiene, and develop a good habit of brus... 【Details】

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