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Is planting a toothache or a toothache?

Author:Youdan Dental       Number:      Date:2019-07-12 22:45:41

Dental problems are a common problem. Many people who love beauty will encounter tooth extraction and dental implants when solving dental problems....

1 planting toothache or toothache
There is no clear difference in the degree of pain in implants and extractions, because each person's oral environment is different, the complexity of the surgery is not the same, and the pain is different.
2 contraindications for dental implants and tooth extraction
Poor overall health. Severe endocrine and metabolic disorders, such as uncontrolled diabetes. Blood system diseases such as red blood cell or leukocyte blood disease, coagulation mechanism disorders, etc. Cardiovascular diseases cannot tolerate surgery.
3 dental implants and extraction tips
Generally do not affect the work, you can go to work as usual, but do not engage in heavy physical labor. Smoking and drinking have a bad influence on wound healing. It is best not to smoke or drink within a day or two.
4 advantages of implants and extractions
It can help beauty lovers solve dental problems, so that beauty lovers can no longer suffer from dental problems and have healthy teeth as soon as possible.

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