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Is the gums sore and painful?

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Gingival swelling is generally caused by inflammation of the teeth. There are a large number of bacteria. The oral hygiene itself is very moist. It is more suita...

The main cause of swollen gums is gingivitis or periodontitis. The most common condition is periodontitis. Periodontitis is mainly caused by inflammation of the gums spreading to the gums and forming periodontal under the gums. Bags, a large number of plaque adhered to the surface of the teeth and teeth, calculus and dead corners that are not cleaned in the mouth, causing fluid bacteria to invade the gums. Once the periodontal pockets are formed under the gums, the capillaries of the gums begin to swell. The pressure of the blood vessels is increased, the gums are in a state of congestion for a long time, and the periodontal pockets are easily hit by the outside.
The causes of gingival swelling and pain include gingivitis, puberty gingivitis, gingivitis during pregnancy, periodontitis and other diseases. Gum abscess, periodontal abscess, wisdom tooth pericoronitis or periapical periodontitis and other diseases cause gingival redness and swelling accompanied by pain.
In patients with chronic gingivitis, after periodontal treatment, such as effective self-plaque control, supratherapy, and underarm treatment, inflammation subsides and gum tissue can fully recover. Adolescent gingivitis removes plaque and calculus by scaling, and can be combined with local medication if necessary, such as sputum bag washing, topical medicine, and sputum. For patients with hypertrophy of the gums, gingival resection can be performed if necessary. It is necessary to treat the original chronic gingival inflammation through perfect periodontal treatment, so that the gums can recover or return to a healthy state.

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