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  • How to treat gingivitis correctly?

    5, adhere to massage gums and teeth. Whether it is massage gums or upper and lower teeth, it is to improve circulation, promote the metabolism of gum tissue, enhance the immunity and resistance of gum tissue, and accelerate the cure of gingivitis.... 【Details】

  • Why is gingivitis frequent in summer?

    In the hot summer heat, in addition to heatstroke, people are prone to excitement, and the body's virtual fire rises, making the gums inflamed, swollen and painful. In the case of small external stimuli, gingivitis with gum bleeding may occur. symptom... 【Details】

  • How to treat pulpitis?

    After the root canal treatment of the pulpitis, the symptoms of unbearable toothache are eliminated, and the extraction of the teeth fundamentally alleviates the suffering of the patient and saves the treatment cost.... 【Details】

  • Those things about gingivitis, you know!

    Plaque and calculus are the main causes of gingivitis. The long-term accumulation of these pathogenic bacteria stimulates the gum tissue, leading to congestion and inflammation. It is easy to brush teeth and bite hard objects. Therefore, to prevent gi... 【Details】

  • What is the pregnancy gingivitis?

    Tips: If the pregnant mothers are seriously plagued by gingivitis, the doctor recommends that the patient go to the hospital for treatment 4-6 months of pregnancy. This is a stable fetus and is suitable for simple gingivitis control treatment.... 【Details】

  • How to do gum pain?

    The wisdom tooth is causing pain. Unplugging the wisdom tooth is a recipe.... 【Details】

  • How to treat gingival atrophy

    Afterwards, protect the environment in which we live and prevent environmental pollution... 【Details】

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