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  • Nutritional prevention and treatment of periodontitis

    3. Ingest minerals. Diet, pay special attention to the intake of rich minerals, in which the proportion of calcium, phosphorus and zinc should be balanced and sufficient, effectively resisting inflammatory infections and enhancing the ability of perio... 【Details】

  • What complications may occur after periodontitis?

    3, 2 days after periodontal surgery, the local inflammation of swelling is a normal phenomenon, patients can take some anti-inflammatory drugs to help reduce inflammation; if the swelling is significantly worse, you need to take antibiotics for a week... 【Details】

  • Can periodontitis be cured?

    The second stage: surgical treatment, periodontitis causes loose teeth displacement, surgical methods to clean the periodontal pocket bacteria, fixed loose teeth. ... 【Details】

  • Indulge in periodontitis, be careful to "raise the tige

    Due to the slow progress of mild periodontitis, only irritating hemorrhage, varying degrees of bad breath and changes in the shape of the gums are often considered by patients to be "small faults" and the opportunity to lose treatment is favorable. Ho... 【Details】

  • Regular tooth cleaning can effectively prevent periodontal d

    Some people feel that the teeth are bigger than before because of their teeth. Because they have more calculus, they can't feel the teeth before treatment, because the swollen gums and calculus fill the teeth. When the calculus is removed, the gums wi... 【Details】

  • What about periodontitis causing toothache loosening?

    The second stage: the teeth are loose, and the periodontitis is more serious at this stage. After periodontal inflammation, the patients undergo periodontal surgery and then the teeth are stabilized. ... 【Details】

  • Periodontitis

    2. Pay close attention to the early signs of periodontal disease. If you have bleeding gums when you brush your teeth or eat, you should pay attention to it early, because this is a manifestation of inflammation in the periodontal, you should go to th... 【Details】

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