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  • Will the face of the upper wisdom tooth be smaller?

    Every woman is beautiful, especially the face of her face, but there are many people whose faces are very large, so many people want to know if pulling out the wisdom teeth can make the face smaller.... 【Details】

  • What if the wisdom tooth is an adult tooth?

    Many people are afraid of pain and do not want to pull wisdom teeth, so they are not willing to take the initiative to remove wisdom teeth, that is, as long as the treatment of insect teeth is good. In fact, the main cause of insect teeth is closely r... 【Details】

  • Is the wisdom tooth on the upper left better?

    I hope that the "question" in the question is the step for you to seek medical advice. If the "higher wisdom tooth on the upper left side of this article" is not specific to you, I suggest you click the "online consultation" button, and the oral onlin... 【Details】

  • Does pulling wisdom teeth affect face shape?

    If the above text still can't help you, or if you want to continue to know about dental and oral health, you can consult a doctor online! ... 【Details】

  • What happens to a wisdom tooth?

    The doctor reminded: Many wisdom teeth are mistaken by the patient who is paralyzed, and the teeth do not need to be treated or removed. In fact, this view is not correct. Because toothache suggests to some extent that the tooth has irreversible damag... 【Details】

  • What if I have a wisdom tooth?

    Secondly, for the growing teeth, if the wisdom teeth are inflamed and painful, the anti-inflammatory method can not be solved every time. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem fundamentally and remove the often inflamed wisdom teeth.... 【Details】

  • Is wisdom tooth easy to cause other tooth decay?

    A small number of patients are particularly afraid of tooth extraction, so they hope to retain wisdom teeth by filling the teeth. The doctor said that the wisdom tooth has tooth decay and is difficult to clean. When the tooth plaque in the tooth is co... 【Details】

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