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Youdan Dental is a digital dental chain established by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, Health Bureau, Health Planning Commission and other competent authorities. It is a digital dental chain organization integrating medical treatment, prevention, health care and scientific research. It is a brand of Shanghai Youdan Investment Management Co., Ltd. And the trademark, the head office was established in 2011, and currently has more than ten oral clinics. The hospital takes care of the public's health with technology and condenses brand power with culture. Based on the specialist disease, special disease doctors, and the principle of excellence in medical treatment, the oral treatment department is refined into: dental beauty center, implant dental center, tooth whitening center, orthodontic center, children's oral center, periodontal care center. Serve Shanghai residents with family-like service quality and care.

Enterprise positioning: to build the Yudan dental chain brand
Since its inception, Youdan Dental has established a complete set of standard mechanisms to promote its own and the industry in the direction of health and regulation. Under the regulation and promotion of this "oral standard", the brand management system of Youdan Dental has become more and more Mature, oral technology and dental facilities and equipment are more complete.
Quality concept: rigorous and honest, carefully crafted
With rigorous academic spirit, noble medical ethics and superb aesthetics, objective communication, individual design, and meticulous work, we strive for the oral health of our customers. Put the quality of medical care first, and put medical quality and service awareness into every detail of customer service.
Charity activities: social responsibility, compassionate dedication
Since its establishment, Youdan Dental has shouldered social responsibilities and is committed to the oral health of the citizens. It has actively organized a series of oral health public welfare activities: oral clinics in many districts in Shanghai, oral clinics in nursing homes in Minhang District, oral clinics in the community, and clinics in campus. Relying on medical technology as a standard and service awareness, it has won the trust of the general public in the oral cavity of Youdan.
Safety Medical System: Dental ADA Standards
Yudan Dental strictly follows the ADA (World Dental Federation) and national dental industry standards, rigorous preoperative examination and verification, standardized standard operating room, strict file confidentiality system, experienced medical team, sophisticated oral equipment, treatment implementation Four-handed operation, one person, one machine and one guard, the operating room adopts three-in-three-out and laminar-level disinfection settings, and the whole process is carefully treated to ensure that there is no cross infection in the aseptic environment.
Oral academic research: for the special letter, for the special ability
Youdan oral adheres to the medical concepts of countries such as Europe and the United States, and synchronizes the clinical technology and oral equipment of European and American countries. In the construction of the doctor team, the concept of talent introduction has been promoted. At present, a cooperative training relationship has been established with a number of top three hospitals. In terms of technological innovation, mature oral medical equipment has been introduced, and a standardized oral processing center and disinfection center have been established. Treatment provides quality assurance.
Warm medical treatment service: 6 heart warm medical treatment experience
Yudan Dental adopts the design concept of “all ecological and humanized” hotel environment standard, integrating professional and humanized design concepts, focusing on creating private and exclusive treatment space, creating an elegant medical environment for patients in a warm and comfortable environment. Complete the diagnosis and treatment process and enjoy the safe and beautiful tooth experience. Adhere to the principle of “understanding customer needs and ensuring customer satisfaction”, and let patients feel the warmth of home with warm and considerate service.